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Passion Music

— In his latest release, Túlio Borges continues his incursion into the Brazilian Northeast rich musical tradition with lively forrós and infectious rhythms. His soft-spoken voice and simple melodies are a joy to listen to — and dance, if you’re so inclined — with his third solo album.

To say the album is festive and passionate would be an understatement. I have not been this excited about a forró album since I don’t know when. Starting with the title, this album sets the tone for the music and beautiful lyrics we hear. It is clever and with beautiful music. For the non-Portuguese speaker, the album title can be a challenge. Although it is translatable, the meaning of the Portuguese words gets lost in translation. Cutuca Meu Peito Incutucável can be explained as “poke my unpokable chest or heart.” This is as colloquial language as one gets. It may not sound appealing in English, but in Portuguese it is right on target with the music you’ll hear. Another important point here is that this is all new music. There are lots of forró classics out there, and several artists choose to re-record those. That is not the case with Túlio. He brings original material, and very good music it is!

Túlio Borges produced and arranged all tracks in the album. His band does a very fine job in providing the right atmosphere for these songs. Among the musicians, we hear Rafael dos Anjos on acoustic guitar, Junior Ferreira on the accordion, Pedro Vasconcellos on cavaco, Hamilton Pinheiro on bass and Valério Xavier and Papete on percussion. Other guests add some great accompaniment support in other tracks, such as Victor Angeleas on mandolin, Renato Glória on drums and more.

If, like me, you obtain this album via any of the online stores, make sure you get the liner notes, available for download in Túlio’s site. You’ll be able to enjoy his songs a whole lot more. Another great benefit of the notes is Renato Fino’s introduction. He presents the basis for Cutuca Meu Peito Incutucável: love. Song after song, you will experience torrid passions. In the opening track, “Contracachimbo da Paz,” pretending love is the focus, as the lyrics echo that a loved one destroyed castles, polished the pain in one’s soul and put out the peace pipe. In contrast, “Grandes Olhos” is true love found. A beloved big eyes make one’s heart soar and fly high. In “Concreto, Amor e Canção,” it is the weather that shapes love. Rain falls and one wishes that it would bring passion drops to solidify one’s love.

The simple and strong emotions sung in each track are poetically enhanced by the beautiful verses in this album. Those verses go hand in hand with life in the Brazilian Northeast countryside. Passion is alive through Túlio’s heartfelt performances and songs in Cutuca Meu Peito Incutucável.